1. rkka says

    Yes, MM, it’s as if The Banksters have been undermining the possible sources of opposition to a system of global debt bondage for several decades by now.

  2. anxiousmodernman says

    Harvey remains one of the more inspiring straight-up marxists around, applying the perspective at the right junctures. He’s got radical + realist flavor that appeals to me.

    We live in interesting times. If the Left brand wasn’t so polluted, diffuse, and disorganized, it could unite people of a lot of different persuasions against the parasitic FIRE sector oligarchy. But it can’t. I’ve come to understand why Doc always amends ‘the Left’ with ‘[sic]’ when referring to the United States. We’re so marginalized that we scarcely deserve the definite article at the moment. There’s barely any ‘there’ there. This is me, speaking as one of the Left [sic].

  3. rkka says

    And did I mention they’re well and truly entrenched? The Russian oligarchs had less than a decade to dig in. Our banksters have gone without serious opposition since FDR.

  4. DFH Dave says

    A stroke of genius. Even DFH Dave can now grasp the scope and gravity of the situation. Oh, and rkka is right. This is dangerous stuff. Political dynamite if it ever went viral, which of course it won’t.

  5. rkka says

    Be careful here. The Banksters are perfectly willing to call forth the likes of Hitler to prevent this type of thinking taking hold. It will require superlative strategy and tactics to avoid a disasterous outcome.

    I see no one, anywhere, who is good enough to pull this off, by a long shot. Putin overcame Russia’s energy oligarchs, but they were nowhere near as ruthless and skilled as our Banksters.

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