The MBA Warlord Speaks From The Ruins

Administration punt returned about 9 yards. Objectively marginal results with optics designed to mask the meager effort. The essential field position is unchanged. Plutocratic subsidy, massive nationalization with a roll of the dice. In the dark.

From a tactical point of view, one might take comfort that the Democrats for once didn’t flinch, cave and roll over completely. Talk about reduced expectations.

It’s an outrage really that they expect frappuccino applause for this constitutional posturing. CEO pay? Some ‘oversight? All small upticks in Rachel Maddow demographics. They discover separation of powers only now. And tonight we hear them assert with smug bravado “We really are members of phylum cordata. ” Amidst a prostrate nation in financial ruins.

The Warlord’s incompetence is a fact of life. Like a morning traffic jam. (Long time readers here understand and likely share the Stiftung’s assertion that the incompetence is inextricably linked to the underlying radical ideology). So Americans just tuning in now justifiably could ask “Which really is worse? Weakness or incompetence? Are they the same thing?” What happened to November 2006?

Incompetence destroyed the nation. Will weakness save it? That’s the question for many this new November. It’s not just the Boy King’s doings. How else to explain McCain’s even remotely viable chances? (Although did anyone else find it bizarre beyond usual that today — of all days — Biden spends 40 minutes droning on about Iraq? Does he really think anyone cares he is the cue card girl for the foreign policy debate? Can’t he just be quiet?).

The Thursday joint appearance with McCain and the Boy King should provide everyone at the White House with cover *and* plausible deniability. The Boy King will try and pin McCain like a butterfly. It’s going to be hard in a giant political jello bowl. Try nailing that to a wall. Everybody gets credit and no responsibility. Hundreds of declared individual ‘signing statements’. Bloviation beyond comprehension ‘coulda, woulda shoulda’, ‘market forces’, ‘accountability’ and ‘helping the middle class (what’s left of its skeletal remains).’

Too bad Howie Mandel can’t show up with his models and briefcases for the international audience. Let Bernanke and Paulson pick while Howie calls in the banker. That’s the true face of America the world sees and we don’t recognize.

Still, it’s been less than a week since Chuck Schumer told us things were ‘somber.’ Pretty decent response time for a palsied political system hobbled with both a failed Administraton and Congress. Some Japanese and German financial officials didn’t think it would happen. Too bad no one knows what ‘it’ will turn out to be.