Tipping Into The Abyss

(Januarius 3, Cicero News, Moesia) The campaigning is over. Finally Octavian, Antony and Lepidus await the outcome of the Moesian caucus. All candidates have worked hard to court support of Thracian caucus goers to decide which member of the triumvirate will end the republic. All analysts agree that roust out is the key. The candidates with the organization to coerce the most to attend, especially from remote mountainous areas, have the advantage.

Timorous Russertus sent a scroll back to Rome declaring that “the entire universe now turns its eyes to Moesia.” Russertus reports that he has spent hours with the candidates and lessor minions. He tirelessly compared their promises to Thracian caucus attendees today and what they said at Palpatine Hill dinner parties years ago.

Lepidus, arriving via ship from the Pontus Euxinus called a throng to the forum at Naissus. There, he declared that he would not besmirch Octavian with negative stonework. He then showed the actual art work to the natives. Meanwhile, Octavian and Antony hurled accusations against each other over Grecian queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. Octavian and his sister denied reports that they referred to her as “that Grecian child-bearing bitch”. Antony’s spokesmen angrily demanded a retraction. Antony’s wife, Octavian’s sister, simply said “no comment.” How Thracians will react to the charge and countercharge is uncertain.

Octavian charged that Lepidus’ campaign targeting of Dacian religious fundamentalists in Moesia proves he is playing “the Zeus card”. The Lepidus campaign is actively courting devout Dacians, some of whom reject the Roman pantheon and Jove as “a shoddy Roman knock off”. Lepidus, playing the lute before large crowds, made no apologies for his campaign’s religious outreach. “Rome is worth [a small animal] sacrifice.”

In the final hours, controversy swirled over when Lepidus became aware of the Parthian Estimate by the Vestal Thinkers. Octavian charged that Lepidus’ 30 hour failure to read the declassified scrolls proves he is not fit to protect Rome from foreign dangers.

The Moesian caucuses are the first test of which candidate will have the legs to continue on to Dalmatia and Aquitinania before Super Dies Martis. Russertus in his scroll reports that historically “a first or second place finish is vital. Third will mean the end.”