Fears Of The Withdrawal Method, Performance Anxiety: The New Age Of Levitra Foreign Policy


Un homme: Est-ce que nous sommes fou?

Autre homme: Oh, mais la philosophie de Condi est plus intéressante que la philosophie existentialiste Obama et les 300! Ils veulent défaite! Nous serons là pour mille ans! Maliki est comme une jeune vierge attendant d’être séduit . . . Tu es d’accord, n’est-ce pas?

Homme: Quel crétin! Retourne à tes jeux fantastique . . .

Autre Homme: Hey, you sound French !


  1. DrLeoStrauss says


    Manual Curazo, first president of the Philippine’s “autonomous commonwealth” in 1935, once served as a major in the insurgent army [that fought U.S. forces] and lamented the American kindness that undermined the insurrection. “Damn the Americans ! Why don’t they tyrannize us more ? ” Our failure to “tyrannize” our Iraqi allies could similarly destroy the chances of the Islamic terrorist who oppose us.

    (explaining ala Max Boot why the Philippines and Iraq are analogous)

  2. DrLeoStrauss says

    An acquaintance and sometime commentator tells the Stiftung that none of this “matched”. Maybe he is right. It matches to us. YMMV.

    The recommendation is to spoon feed the audience here. That is something we have never done and can’t contemplate doing. But then, we have never attempted to gain a mass audience and wouldn’t want one if foisted upon us. Perhaps that is sour grapes, like the small indie band rudely dismissing an arena rock and roll show. If so, these are some tasty grapes . . .

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